Get your taste buds tingling DV Vapefest Original is back!

Decadent Vapours have a real treat in store for you at Vapefest 2014; two delicious limited edition flavours, including the much sought after Vapefest Original, which has a limited run of 2014 bottles so don’t miss out!

To wet your appetites DV have provided reviewers Vapingcush and Minkeys Vape Reviews with some early samples of their new flavour Orangella and this years Vapefest Original. To hear their thoughts please visit DV’s reviews page

All Locked Up!

It’s become tradition to get something a little mysterious for Vapefest, so when this arrived the intrigue started…. speculate below [EDIT] Mystery solved! Now on the raffle page

Mrs Lord Special Offer

Mrs Lord & Co are taking pre-orders for their 100ml Vapefest Specials to be collected from their marquee. To pre-order at they’re special price of £25 (payment on collection) email them at with your order, any flavour, any strength.
Pre-orders close Tuesday 29th of July at 2pm.

Indulge yourself with Decadent Vapours

Meister Mixologists and long time festival supporters Decadent Vapours are pulling out all the stops this year.

Confused by mixing?   They’ll sort you out with a Free Mixing Session.

Vapefest Original will be provided for those who waited a long year to get their next fix.

With Prize Draws, a Charging Station, the original All Day Juice Bar and a brand new Flavour Launch, Peter & Co have their work cut out, but naturally, will pull it all off in style!

Check out their re-launched, much improved website