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UK Vapefest is, and always has been, a FREE event.

UK VapeFest


About Us

The UK Vape fest is an annual vape event which is conducted to promote vaping products and e-cigars so that tobacco smokers can quit smoking. The event is filled with music, delicious food, and various other exciting events.


December 17 2018 · 10am until after Midnight

Biggest Vape Fest


Come and see for yourself the exciting events we have at the Vape Fest.

Live Dj's

The DJs at the fest will put your feet to dance, and it is one of our ways to promote e-cigars in a fun manner.

Live Band

Many live bands come to the fest to entertain the crowd. There is so much music, so much fun and lots of people to share your experience with.


The event will not be complete if there is no food. We have so many vendors coming, and you can enjoy a wide range of food items at the fest.

Cash Prizes

We have exciting prizes for those who actively participate in the fest and for those to take part in various events at the vape fest.



We also provide accommodations for our guests if needed. So if you require an accommodation contact us at the earliest.

Never Late, Great Vape

New Years PARTY 2019

Happy Hours!

SO many Vendors, So many Clouds, So many Freebies, So much Music, So much Food, Lot's of people and lots of NEW FLAVORS TO VAPE.

Book your tickets at the earliest to get happy hours coupons and have a fun day.

Latest Updates

UK Vaping Advocacy Association

Tonnes of groups are out there – supporting vaping, and doing everything possible to legalize it. Vaping sure does have its benefits over traditional smoking, and these benefits are what are drawing these advocacy groups towards making people more aware about vaping.

Advocacy groups cannot function without the support of political groups. And all efforts are being made by the political groups too – to either vouch for regulations in favor of or against vaping.

But what exactly is the hype around vaping? And why are these advocacy groups striving to legalize the usage of e-cigarettes? Let’s have a look at their agenda:

The Vaping advocates are of the opinion that vaping is a much better option over traditional smoking because it isn’t as crude and harmful as conventional cigarettes. A lot many lives could be saved if conventional smoking was put to an end and vaping was supported instead.


And more importantly, vaping comes in as a savior for those who cannot quit smoking at all despite repeated attempts.

According to advocacy groups, politics is messing up with the legalization of vaping. And the core issue here is the fact that smoking is a booming industry generating a tonne of an income. Why would one put an end to something that’s a hen laying golden eggs? There’s a lot of pressure for them to protect these revenue generating industries. Moreover, smoking causes deadly illnesses, most of which require life-long medical care and this boosts the pharmaceutical sector.

The problem is that vaping will tackle both the above issues – provide a much cheaper and healthier option for people who want to enjoy smoking, and this will put an end to both the above flourishing industries.

Also, if masses switch over to vaping, they will be out of the super-tax bracket of the government – which again will take a hit on the government’s revenues generated from vaping.

What the vaping groups want is the legalization if vaping, to make low-risk products accessible to vaping – even if it hampers revenue generation, which sadly happens to be a reason that’s preventing the government form legalizing vaping. For the benefit of the nation, for the benefit of the people smoking and for those who aren’t able to quit smoking – vaping is the best option and weighing these benefits the government has to legalize vaping – this is all the advocacy groups want.

Raffle 2015


SoulVaperBaby (aka Mr Moxon) in keeping with tradition, is providing us with this DNA40 version of the Blues Brother box mod this year. Last years was stunning and this year it’s even better!

Want to contribute something to the UK Vapefest Raffle?
Drop us a line at with your company name, contact details and full details of your donation (a logo and prize photo would be helpful too!)

4 Ways to Avoid Burning Your Vape Coils

Coils on any vaping device are without a doubt one of the most fundamental components. They are fully accountable for warming up the liquid(what is in vaping juice anyway?) in your device’s tank and turning it into vapor. Whether you buy them ready-made, or enjoy investing the time working on it yourself, let’s take a look at 4 proven methods of how you can avoid burning those much-needed coils.

Tip #1: Watch the Juice Level

If the amount of e juice in your tank is low, the performance will start to get worse and the flavor will slowly but surely diminish, of course, the effect it’ll have on your coils is something you don’t want either. E-liquid/Vapor Liquid generally contain some form of sugar, and of course, when sugar touches anything too hot, it will instantly caramelize. This will usually happen on the coils or wick. The simplest solution to this is to make sure that your tank is always filled up. Chain vaping can, of course, affect your juice level as well. It’s always fun blowing massive clouds of smoke one after another, but this can dramatically affect the coil by drying up the wick too quickly. Normally your wick would have time to recover and soak up more of the juice, but if it’s not given the needed amount to re-saturate before pressing the fire button again, it will burn your coils and wick in one go. So try to avoid chain vaping by just giving it a short break to basically re-prime itself. Assuming you always keep your juice level at the optimal amount.

Tip #2: Use the Temperature Control

If it’s available, by all means, use it! Temperature control works by tracking the detectable changes in resistance that occur when certain coil materials are heated up. When it reaches this temperature, the vape will stop delivering power to stop it from heating up any further and potentially burning up your wick and coils. There are also a lot of super helpful temperature control mods with titanium, nickel, or stainless steel coils that will allow you to limit the exact temperature of your vape. Common vaping temperatures generally range from 392F to 480F, with the fluctuation increments in temperature of about 10F. With this precise control over the temperature of your coil, you can drastically lessen the chance of burning it up. However, you will need to make sure you have a compatible e-cigarette and a tank that support these material types.

Tip #3: Take it Easy on the Voltage

Always be mindful of your wattage! Vaping at a high wattage can have great consequences on your coils. Due to the fact that you’re vaping juice at an accelerated rate, the wick is barely capable of soaking it up in time. If it is unable to keep up it will burn. Often times this can also lead to a misunderstanding. Whoever is vaping may assume that the coil was just a dud, when actually they’re the one who burned it. This why it is always important to reduce your power setting if you start to notice the flavor fading out. Start at the bottom and gradually work your way up. If any problems persist and you continue experiencing that flavor loss and burning, dropping the power a few notches is the easiest/quickest solution. Know your device and vape batteries limits.

Tip #4: Always Prime Your Coil

It comes highly recommended that you prime your coil. While it’s not strictly necessary, it can save you a lot of future headaches just by doing this one simple additional task. The problem generally stems from the wick not having enough time to completely soak up the juice before it is ignited, thus causing the quick burn up of the coils and wick. Simply trickle a few drops of juice in the wick holes and wait three to five minutes. It’s always worth being absolutely sure! Starting at the lowest setting and working your way up is a good idea as well. Eventually, you will find a perfectly balanced heat to flavor ratio. Another method often used is taking couple sips on the vape without holding the button to ignite it. This essentially just forces the juice into the wick a little bit faster. Always be cautious when you use this method though, there is the possibility it can flood your coil if it’s done too often.

Additional Tip: Science is Fun!

To appease any vaper yearning for additional knowledge is to look into Ohm’s law. Yes, that same thing you learned in your math or physics class, and most likely forgot all about. It actually has a lot to do with vaping and can be the difference between getting a continuously pleasurable vaping experience, and blowing up your coils; possibly even your entire piece of equipment. Ohms control everything from the voltage contained in your vape, to the maximum temperature level of the coils.

If you keep having this problem, perhaps delving deeper into the actual science of why your coils continue to burn out can certainly be beneficial. If you can tweak even just two variables such as, power and resistance – you can figure out exactly what to use for your third variable to achieve the proper balance. This will also greatly assist with the priming technique mentioned above. Using Ohm’s Law and its equations to your advantage will help you to be more informed on how to properly set up your coil resistance, the wattage, and the voltage, all while impressing your friends with your vast, practical, and infinite knowledge!

Carry On Camping

Camping is Now Available on Friday & Saturday Night

Camping was only intended for Saturday, however, due to demand I will make this
available on Friday too.

As such I feel some conditions are necessary in addition to those stipulated by the venue.


  • If you are camping on the Friday, you may arrive from 4pm onwards. The committee
    need time to prepare before the arrival of any public guests.
  • You must not approach vendors who are setting up their pitches.
  • Glasses and glass bottles are not permitted. Plastic only please.
  • You must not attempt to access any building other than the toilet blocks.
  • If you have a vehicle parked in the camping area and need to move it on Saturday
    you must inform a committee member or steward of your intention to do so.
  • Observe all the conditions listed in the Showground Special Conditions.
  • Print the Showground conditions below and bring them with you. Without them you
    will not be able to camp. Everyone needs their own copy.



Downloads & Resources for 2014

Find out who’s who and let people know who you are with these customizable conference name badges.

Right click and save the image above. Cut and paste your spooky avatar or grim mug shot onto the jpeg, print it out and fill in the rest with that stubby biro you stole from the bookies.

These badges conform to the Avery® 5395 (86x59mm) format. If you have any of their badge holders you can just print it off and slot it into your conference badge holder. However, if, like me, you don’t have anything like that, you can simply glue your print out to some sturdy card (cut from a cereal packet) and either drill a hole for a bit of string or bootlace, or sellotape a safety pin to the back.

What people say

My friends and I had a great time at the UK Vape fest. The live music and events that were conducting were both exciting and engaging.

- Debra B. Carroll

The UK Vape fest is one of the best events out there for promoting e-cigars. It is a great place to go if you want to learn about vaping techniques and if you want to have some fun.

-Kenneth M. Lewis

There is a lot you can learn at the UK Vape fest. You never know how time flies when you are at the event. It is a perfect place to go if you want to have some fun and learn something about vaping.

- Esperanza F. Shriver

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