Carry On Camping

Camping is Now Available on Friday & Saturday Night

Camping was only intended for Saturday, however, due to demand I will make this
available on Friday too.

As such I feel some conditions are necessary in addition to those stipulated by the venue.

  • If you are camping on the Friday, you may arrive from 4pm onwards. The committee
    need time to prepare before the arrival of any public guests.
  • You must not approach vendors who are setting up their pitches.
  • Glasses and glass bottles are not permitted. Plastic only please.
  • You must not attempt to access any building other than the toilet blocks.
  • If you have a vehicle parked in the camping area and need to move it on Saturday
    you must inform a committee member or steward of your intention to do so.
  • Observe all the conditions listed in the Showground Special Conditions.
  • Print the Showground conditions below and bring them with you. Without them you
    will not be able to camp. Everyone needs their own copy.

    Camping Rules

    EFVI & Vapefest

    The Vapefest Organisers and the Representatives of EFVI UK
    would like to make a joint statement.

    It was not the intention of the Vapefest committee or EFVI to cause rifts in the vaping community and apologies are offered for any distress that may have been caused over the last couple of days.

    Amicable discussion has taken place and an agreement has been reached.

    EFVI will have a stall at Vapefest.

    We hope this puts the matter to rest and everyone can enjoy a great day as a result.

    Call for Vendors!


    The t is being crossed and the i dotted and we’re not quite ready to make a full announcement, but keep your calendars clear for early August!

    There’s still a lot of paperwork to sort out and, with that in mind, we’d like to hear from vendors who wish to attend.

    Please send your email to

    The UK Vapefest Committee