Vaping Advocacy

UK Vaping Advocacy Association

Tonnes of groups are out there – supporting vaping, and doing everything possible to legalize it. Vaping sure does have its benefits over traditional smoking, and these benefits are what are drawing these advocacy groups towards making people more aware about vaping.

Advocacy groups cannot function without the support of political groups. And all efforts are being made by the political groups too – to either vouch for regulations in favor of or against vaping.

But what exactly is the hype around vaping? And why are these advocacy groups striving to legalize the usage of e-cigarettes? Let’s have a look at their agenda:

The Vaping advocates are of the opinion that vaping is a much better option over traditional smoking because it isn’t as crude and harmful as conventional cigarettes. A lot many lives could be saved if conventional smoking was put to an end and vaping was supported instead.


And more importantly, vaping comes in as a savior for those who cannot quit smoking at all despite repeated attempts.

According to advocacy groups, politics is messing up with the legalization of vaping. And the core issue here is the fact that smoking is a booming industry generating a tonne of an income. Why would one put an end to something that’s a hen laying golden eggs? There’s a lot of pressure for them to protect these revenue generating industries. Moreover, smoking causes deadly illnesses, most of which require life-long medical care and this boosts the pharmaceutical sector.

The problem is that vaping will tackle both the above issues – provide a much cheaper and healthier option for people who want to enjoy smoking, and this will put an end to both the above flourishing industries.

Also, if masses switch over to vaping, they will be out of the super-tax bracket of the government – which again will take a hit on the government’s revenues generated from vaping.

What the vaping groups want is the legalization if vaping, to make low-risk products accessible to vaping – even if it hampers revenue generation, which sadly happens to be a reason that’s preventing the government form legalizing vaping. For the benefit of the nation, for the benefit of the people smoking and for those who aren’t able to quit smoking – vaping is the best option and weighing these benefits the government has to legalize vaping – this is all the advocacy groups want.