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Frunk Bar Nic Salts – Any 3 for £9.99 – available at DIY E Liquids

Frunk Bar Nic Salts E-liquid Range is made in the UK using a premium nicotine salt base. With 16 flavours mixed in a 50/50 ration, frunk are suited best for MTL Vaping.

Frunk Bar Also have a tasty disposable vape range, so you will find a flavour or vaping method that you prefer.

Bar Series Nic Salts E-Liquids are extracted directly from the natural tobacco leaf versus traditionally being made using a form of artificial nicotine called ‘free base.

Available in 10mg & 20mg Nic Salt

Nic Salts E-Liquids Flavors: Frunk Bar Nic Salts E-liquid Range

  • Pineapple Express
  • Cookie Monster
  • Banana Man
  • Double Bubble
  • Tropical Bonanza
  • Blackcurrant Apocalypse
  • Raspberry Shades
  • Fresh Mango
  • Candied Apple
  • Apple Grapple
  • Crushed Candy
  • Frunking Berg
  • Lemon Zing
  • Strawberry Bubbling
  • Blue Razzle
  • Berry Grooves