The Stealthvape Vapefest Primer

Weirdy Beardies

From the Stealthvape Blog:

“Vapefest is the premier vaping event in the UK. Despite the welcome addition of other things taking place this year, VF15 will remain at the top of the list of must-attends for most vapers. Noobs will be full of questions like:

Who is going to be there?
Will I get to see the man passed out with a straw in his backside?
Are beards compulsory? And,
Should I take enough batteries to power a trans-dimensional portal?

A full weekend of drinking, laughs and vaping beckons. Best of all, it’s a family-friendly event. I can’t speak for others, but I know my children love nothing more than to watch me collapse near a PA speaker clutching a bag of shopping. Admittedly they get to do that most Saturdays in front of the market meat van but here they also get to hold my extensive collection of li-ion batteries…”

Read the rest of Dave Cross’s essential vapefest primer here.

Ghosts in the Machine

Some of you may be experiencing a few problems with this site – it seems like a couple of Easter Gremlins have snuck into the system and caused a bit of havoc over the past few days. We’re working hard behind the scenes to sort them out.

The Obligatory April Fool’s Day Post

A world exclusive and a very special addition to the Vapefest Raffle!

This revolutionary box mod isn’t destined to reach our shores until December, however Kim at iSmoka has kindly promised to supply us with the 30W version in time for Vapefest.

“The iStick messenger is an upgrade based on iSitck through the addition of a unique wireless messaging service. Under the support of 2400mAh battery capacity, it will give you great performance between 2V-8V or 5W-30W AND allow you to communicate your fellow vapers via a unique high speed Bluetooth 4 messaging system. An improved spring connector, wear-resistant stainless steel thread, and streamlined design on top make iStick Messenger the one you deserve to own”.

Many thanks to Kim and the guys at iSmoka for this wonderful prize!