UK Vapefest – EXPOnentially different…

So all those trade shows have come and gone, in London and Birmingham (and somewhere called Harrogate). So what’s left for the discerning UK Vaper this year? Why UK Vapefest of course!

Now then, those of you who have trekked from the eerie halls of Earl’s Court to the Brummie brouhaha of Birmingham, might be surprised by the change of style and pace of UK Vapefest. Don’t worry! We’re on hand to help you busy vape-mile travellers transition.

First of all; relax. We’re here from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, turn up whenever you like and don’t expect a queue.

Going to vape events can be inordinately costly, the parking, the accommodation, and so on. The good news is that at Vapefest the parking and accommodation are entirely free.

Because this an outdoor event, in the heart of the British countryside, there’ll be fresh air and open space so you won’t be gasping for oxygen, even in the face of the fiercest cloud chaser.

Shoppers can shop, with over seventy attending vendors that’s a given, but the main point of Vapefest is that it is a social event, not an episode of Supermarket Sweep or Bargain Hunt. This is a party thrown by vapers for vapers from all over the country, a celebration of the community that we have formed, and a chance to meet like minded souls and kindred spirits. It ain’t about the ker-ching ker-ching-ching, it’s about you, the vaper.

It Takes Two, Baby…

The world’s biggest vape raffle has gotten so humoungously huge that this year we’re splitting it into two! THE BIG RAFFLE² is on Saturday and it’s going to be a knockout!

In the red corner: The Red Raffle – this plucky newcomer enters the ring at 2pm.

In the blue corner: The Blue Raffle – this heavywieght bruiser takes on allcomers at 5.30pm

Raffle tickets are £2 each and are limited to a maximum of 5 per person for each bout. Keep an eye on the Raffle Prize page as our punch bag of prizes swells.

Take a Dip in a Car Pool…

Driving to Vapefest? Don’t go it alone – take a co-pilot onboard to help with the navigation and fill in the harmonies as you sing along with your motorway mix tape…

Ever keen to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage vaper bonding, we positively encourage car sharing. If you can’t make it to Vapefest by public transport there are car pool threads on all the major vaping forums, for drivers and passengers angling for a lift.

If there isn’t one on your favourite forum… start one yourself!

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