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Your Turkey’s been stuffed and scoffed, your goose has been well and truly cooked, you made an arse of yourself at New Year’s Eve and now all you have to keep you warm, in this chilly austere January, is an uncomfortable shroud of bills to pay.

Don’t feel glum! Here’s some reasons to be cheerful…

Coming in May…

Midlands Mini Meet II

Vapefest’s little brother returns to a creaky bar in Tamworth under the stewardship of pint-sized vaping internet TV superstar DaveK. Details have yet to be confirmed – Saturday 19th May at the Castle Hotel has been suggested (now confirmed) – keep an eye on Dave’s TackleBox show on VTTV for the latest breaking news.

Coming in August…

UK Vapefest 2012

After all the pressure and stress of single handedly pulling off Europe’s biggest Vapefest you’d hardly expect Wayne to take it on for a second time! However the rumour is that, against Doctor’s orders, the great Cockney Chrome Dome is considering managing the event again. As the last UKVF was unexpectedly over subscribed (x4) there is talk of staging the event earlier in the year to take greater advantage of the extensive grounds of the Moat House in a more temperate climate than the drizzle and chills afforded by it’s traditional slot in October. I should stress that this is all a matter of conjecture but early signs indicate that we might see the next UK Vapefest some time in August…

UK Vapefest 2012 is GO!

Saturday, August 25, 2012 · 10am – After Midnight

I am delighted to announce that Vapefest 2012 is GO!!

This years it will be a Summer event. The date is Saturday 25th August 10am till Daz falls over (after midnight). And as usual entrance is FREE!

The venue again will be The Moat House in Tamworth, but this time capacity for 800+ attendees. I have secured every inch of the Moat House and grounds for our sole use. There will be 2 marquees on the grounds of the venue. A hugeeeeeeeeeeeee one for the Festers and one for the Vendors.

Last year I had hundreds of messages from parents asking if kids were allowed. This year, since it will be mainly an outdoor event, the answer is a big fat YES!. So many who missed out in 2011 need not do so this time.

A few things Parents need to know though: No children allowed in the Vendors’ tent or the upstairs function room, and from 7pm onwards the entire event is for adults only.

There is still a ton of backstage stuff to sort out, but i wanted to get the ball rolling!!

Full the most up to date information check out our constantly updated DUMMIES Guide

Unique Provari Exclusive Vapefest Prizes!

Provape have donated two unique, one of a kind, Provaris for the raffle:

  • A Brushed Brass Provari v2 (Above)
  • A Birds Eye Maple Wood Veneer Provari v2 (Left)

The ProVari is a microprocessor controlled variable voltage e-cig that lets you adjust the voltage with just a few presses of a button, allowing you select the perfect settings for your atomizer, cartomizer and e-liquid. With its built-in two digit display, you can visually adjust your voltage from 2.9 to a hefty 6.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments.

These beauties are unique one offs that will never go into production.

This is truly an amazing gesture from David and Co at Provape.

Provape have asked me to stipulate that these Provari’s are the only ones in the world and are just for UK Vapefest raffle prizes.

Please do not email them to order one.

The BIG Raffle

The Best Raffle in the Vaposphere is back – and this time it’ll be even biggerer and betterer!

The event will be hosted by Superstar YouTube Housewives’ favourite Scott “igetcha69″ Bonner!

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our generous sponsors, this years’ humongous horde of prizes will be truly out of this world! Grab a box of Kleenex and head over to the Raffle Porn page (SFW), and have a gander at the unabashed gorgeousness on offer.

This astonishing array of Vaping Valhalla is, believe it or not, just the tip of a rock hard iceberg! With over three months to go before the event our prize pot is likely to double, so be sure to check back regularly for the latest additions.

Tickets will be £1 each (a maximum of 10 per person) and will be on sale from 10am until 3pm. The Raffle itself will kick off at 4pm – BE LUCKY!

Prize Preview: Penelope & Proteus Sneak Peek

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our supporters the astonishing haul of prizes for the BIG Raffle continues to swell. One of the prizes that has piqued a lot of interest is the latest offering from the Golden Greek himself, Imeo.

The Penelope is a cool updated version of the Odysseus tank system. The Proteus is a brand new slimline mod which features that fashionable variable voltage thing.

But hey – enough of my yacking! Here’s a grumpy bloke in a red shirt and a bad cough putting the tech through its paces…

Appologies from Janty

Janty were planning to unveil their new top secret MiD series at UK Vapefest.Unfortunatly due to circumstances bryond their control, this will now not happen. Janty’s head designer Mik Dahl will still be attending and is donating three gift cards for the MiD series device, as well as five ten-bottle packs of Janty liquid and ten Kuwako pipeheads to our haul of raffle prizes.

The BIG Raffle just got BIGGER!

Cloud9Vaping’s Awesome Raffle Prizes

We’re sad that Lisa from Cloud9Vaping can’t attend UK Vapefest in person this year, but, as a long standing supporter of the Festival, she’s still swelling the prize haul of the BIG Raffle with these incredibly generous prize packs:

C9V Raffle Prize 1: Fantastic Mod Kit worth £257.50

PureSmoker Legacy Standard Personal Vaporiser
VaperFexion Full Stainless Steel Mini Cartomator
Evolv Kick Drop in Module
2 x AW P18650 2900mAh 3.7V Batteries
2 x AW IMR18500 3.7V Batteries
C9V 510 LR Cartomisers 5pk – Steel
C9V 510 Turbo Cartomisers 5pk – Steel
Super T WideMouth “Shorty” T-Tip – Satin Plus
2 x 510/901 Varicolour Drip Tips
Premium Cartomiser Punch Tool

C9V Raffle Prize 2: Fantastic Mod Kit worth £197.30

PureSmoker Legacy Mini Personal Vaporiser
2 x AW IMR18350 3.7V Batteries
2 x 5ml Dual Coil Cartomiser Tanks (Black and White)
6 x 3.5ml Dual Coil Cartomiser Tanks (One of every colour)
2 x Packs of 5 Dual Coil Cartomisers – Steel
Premium Cartomiser Punch Tool

C9V Raffle Prize 3: HS Essence & Flavouring Kit worth £138.75

Full set of 32 x 10ml HS Flavourings
and HS Tobacco Essences

C9V Raffle Prize 4: Dual Coil Tanks & Cartomisers Kit worth £97.60

6 x 5ml Dual Coil Cartomiser tanks (one in every colour)
2 x Dual Coil Tank Cartomisers – 5pk

PLUS FIVE £25 E-vouchers to Spend at Cloud 9!

For more details about the prizes check out Lisa’s blog entry

Thanks Lisa!