UK Vapefest 2013 for Dummies

UK Vapefest for Dummies 2012


Saturday August 17 2013 · 10am until after Midnight


The Moat House

The Moat House
35-36 Lichfield Street
Town Centre
B79 7QQ
T: +44 (0) 1827 311972

The Moat House is a Grade II historic building located in what were once the grounds of Tamworth Castle. Built in 1572 by William Comberford as a family home, it sits on the banks of the River Tame. A rare family of 18 Black Swans live around the grounds. In 1815 the Moat House became a lunatic asylum. It is purported that walking the second floor corridors is the ghost of a young girl named Emily. It is believed she was locked in the tower by her father and died in a fire that originated from a burning candle. So it’s an old haunted looney bin – perfect!


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The Moat House is a handsome multi-gabled Tudor mansion, standing within delightful grounds, secluded from Lichfield Street in the heart of Tamworth’s town centre.

Tamworth train station (0.67 miles). Regular train services from London Euston, Nottingham and Birmingham.

The 461 bus stops the closest at “Sunset Close”, however since it’s only a short walk (0.3 miles), any bus serving Tamworth Town Centre would do.

There will be car pooling threads on the forums for those driving to the event who have space in their vehicles or those wishing to catch a ride. Links will be added here when they appear.


Since this is mainly an outdoor event children and pets are welcome untill 7pm. There’ll be a Face Painting stall and a playground area with swings and slides. Please note that children will not be allowed entrance to the Vendors’ tent or the upstairs function room.
First of all: UK Vapefest is, and always has been, a FREE event. No ticket required!
Secondly: Peter “Nick O’Teen” Cole, head alchemist at Decadent Vapours, returns with his raggamuffin team of mad mixologists to run the famous and legendary Free All Day Juice Bar! T-Juice are also ensuring that you keep your wicks wet with open access to their own extensive range of juices. The first 150 raffle ticket purchasers will receive a free Pink Spot Vapors Goody Bag, and the last 200 raffle ticket purchasers will receive a free T-Juice Goody Bag. Plus we have 2013 Bottles of Vapefest Original Velvet to be given away FREE! As always Early Birds will be rewarded at the door with a limited issue giveaway that is, for now, a secret… set your alarm to a milkman-like hour and get in line early!
The Best Raffle in the Vapisphere is back – and this time it’s biggest yet! For an eyeful of the glorious goodies up for grabs visit our constantly updated Raffle Porn (SFW) page. Tickets will be £2 each (a maximum of 5 per person) and will be on sale from 10am until 3pm with the Raffle itself at 4pm. The first 150 people who buy tickets will also receive a complimentary Pink Spot Vapors Goody Bag and the last 200 raffle ticket purchasers will receive a free T-Juice Goody Bag. BE LUCKY!
The Moat House resident DJ will be spinning the decks and there’s a nasty rumour that there may be an ill advised Karaoke session… you have been warned!
A special festival cavery is being served by the Moat House at £6 a platter. There will also be a Hog Roast and a Barbecue serving burgers and bangers.
As we have been sent hundreds of 10ml juices of various flavours/strengths,we thought it would be nice to give a bottle away with every food purchase(while stocks last). Please be aware this will be pot luck as to what flavour/strength you get as the venue staff wont have time to sort out whats what
Free WiFi connection so you can blog, broadcast, and upload embarrassing photos direct from the event.
Please note that the Moat House is not a hotel. However, if you’re planning to stay over on the night before or until the morning after, there are many inexpensive hotels and B&Bs nearby. Check out or for a random selection…



Joe & Jamie from Celtic Vapours
Gary & Chris from BumbleBee E-Liquid
Lisa & Keith from Cloud 9 Vaping
Peter & the Crew from Decadent Vapours
Teemu from Diablo Mods
Aaron & Co from Ecig Wizard
Jacquie from Emporium Vapour
Cam from E-Cigz London
Scott from Ifancyone
Ibrahim & Adam from Innovapour​
Richard from Juice Trap
George from OK Smokey

Matt from Rocket Science Mods
Carl from reubtube Mods
Greg from ROK
Feri from Royal Vapor
Daz from Safercigs
Ian from Touchwood
Nige from T-Juice
AT from UK e-cig store
Ben & Co from UK Eliquid
Vapist from Vapist’s Vapourizers
Paula from Vapour World
and Garry Dibley (the Modfather).

5 thoughts on “UK Vapefest 2013 for Dummies

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  2. does anyone know if we need to obtain tickets – i know its a free event but do we need a ticket?

  3. total flavour:

    does anyone know if we need to obtain tickets – i know its a free event but do we need a ticket?

    The blurb above under ‘Freebies’ says “no ticket required” so I’d guess at no :)

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