Don’t Miss It – ‘Mist it!

Vapourmist Live Picture Feed

To anyone who (sadly) won’t be attending this years vapefest, I’ve quickly cobbled together a picture feed site so you can still get a peak at what’s going on! As the live feed from the Tamworth Minimeet didn’t prove all that stable I thought for the biggun there should be at least something going on 😀 so keep your eyes peeled on the picture wall site throughout the day. It will automatically put new pictures up, so you don’t need to keep spamming refresh.

For those out and about, I’m currently making a mobile friendly version (because i’m nice like that) so you can take a butchers on the go.

Mobile users will automatically be re-directed to the mobile page.

Obviously there will be mucho coverage of this little shindig on VTTV from those of us attending :)

El Jimo

A Big thank you to the Vapourmists!

Z Midlands Mini Meet 2011

Video © Andy Sutton (Smoke2Vape)

Just like to say a big thank you to all the people at the mini-meet for making it such an enjoyable occasion and making us noobs feel so welcome.

I arrived Saturday lunchtime and was met at the door by DaveK who introduced himself and within minutes had me sucking on his Icon :D. From there I was introduced to Hifi, Doodlebug, Crossbow, Jez, and many others. It was great to meet everyone I have conversed with on the forums and in chat.

It was also an excellent opportunity to try out a wide variety of equipment, from small mods, to Provari’s, GGTS’s, Darwins etc. and compare the different flavours and vapours available from each side by side. Thanks to HifiStud, I was able to compare a 510 against a 901 in otherwise identical setups, something I had been wondering about; my preference for flavour and smoothness was a 901 on his GGTS tank thing – it was, as he put it, Lush !. I also monopolised his Darwin for most of the evening as I faded off into my own blissful world…. Thanks Dave.

Thank you Jaded for presenting me with a box mod for noobs– this is the first time I’ve had 3.7V capability and the cartomisers I use definitely produce more flavour now :)

Thanks also to NickOTeen (Decadent Vapours) with whom I spent far too long sampling his wares, having a go at mixing and learning a great deal about everything from dripping to what flavours not to mix (stay away from Menthol Chicken ! ).

Due to the generosity of everybody I picked up many free samples, a lot of which I’m sure will find their way to other noobies like myself through the forum and future meets.

Thank you again for being such a welcoming group – see you at the next meet – If anyone is apprehensive about attending these, don’t be – in my experience you’ll be made most welcome, learn far more than you can anywhere else and have a great time to boot.

21 February 2011

York MiniFest 2010

Video © Andy Sutton (Smoke2Vape)

Phew! What a day it was! My only regret is that I didn’t have enough time to have a good proper chat with everyone there.

Every single person was brilliant, but in particular I’d like to make a special note of the following –

SubVap Dave, who not only marked the event by generously turning us all into M401 groupies (well me anyway, I love it Dave!) but was also a great entertainer and speaker of all things MHRA.

Andy of course, who had travelled all the way from Bristol. What an all around top bloke, who did brilliant work capturing the UK’s first vaping event with moving pictures. Thank you so much for that, it was a service not just to those at the event but to the whole community.

Rusty, for being every bit as lovely as I thought he’d be, and who was amazingly tall. Glad you got home safe, eventually! I’ll have to follow you to the pub next time, so I can chat to you more. 😉

Dave & Mrs Dave, both great people. I think I actually spoke more to Mrs Dave though, what a lovely lady she is.

Toby, brilliant guy who amazingly, as it turns out, didn’t get mugged despite having all sorts of ecig porn on display.

Concs, what a woman. Not only intelligent, gorgeous, funny, likeable, but also a baker of wondrous cakes! Guaranteed an invite to all future events.

And last but certainly not least, Cat. Lovely lady who worked very hard getting the event together. It was a pleasure to meet you (and your daughter), and I sincerely hope it won’t be the last time.

I’m still on a high from yesterday I think, and I don’t mean a nic high either. There will definitely be more of the same. To absent friends, see you at the next one I hope. :)

23 May 2010

UK Vapefest 2010

Video © Andy Sutton (Smoke2Vape)

Photographs © Jaded

Reflecting on UK Vapefest 2010

by DaveK

The planning for UK Vapefest 2010 was already in full swing when I was still smoking cigarettes and totally oblivious to vaping in any way, shape or form. When I first heard about it, having seen Smoke2Vape’s video of a previous meet-up at York earlier in the year, and then realising that it was being held just down the road from me, I had to go!

It took a bit of rearranging of commitments, but that day saw me rising at some ungodly hour for a Saturday and making the short journey (via the barber’s) to Vapefest 2010 in Tamworth.

Plough & Harrow
The Plough & Harrow

I arrived shortly before the scheduled 10am start and wondered around the Plough and Harrow’s exterior a bit looking for familiar faces, before taking the plunge and heading inside. I saw a guy with a very impressive moustache, and a Red Tornado head through a door and followed him into the function room, where various members of the organising committee and resident attendees were finishing breakfast and getting ready for the main event. Amusingly, I had to walk through a gathering of Plough and Harrow staff gathered around the back door for a smoke, and thought to myself – if only they knew….

I always find the first few minutes after entering a room like this a bit nerve wracking, but it wasn’t long before introductions started happening and name badges were being written and that broke the ice a bit and I started to feel at home. After that it was plain sailing and I felt like I’d known these guys all of my life.

So, here’s my summary of UK Vapefest 2010, Tamworth, England!

In a nutshell – the event was a spectacular success and a credit to the organising committee, Cat, Sav, Cliffy, Hifistud and Rusty, all of whom can be found on the UK Vapers forum. A quite staggering number of prizes had been donated by all of the leading UK e-cig vendors for raffles and the Tombola, of which I did rather well myself – more on that later…

Ask the Panel

One of the highlights of the day for me was the “Ask The Panel” session, which particularly got my interest as I was in it, representing newbies across the Isle. Sharing the podium with industry celebrities like Katherine Devlin of ECITA, Peter “Nick O’ Teen” Cole from Decadent Vapours, experienced e-smoker and retired vendor Dave (Hifistud) was a little bit daunting, but I think I blagged my way through it, and nobody kicked, punched or even insulted me at the end, so that was cool!

In between the raffles, tombola, ask the panel and performing of juice reviews with a live “studio” audience, my day was filled totally. There were so many people to meet that I couldn’t try and list them all now for fear of missing anyone out, but it was nice to meet the Vendors, Tim from Intellicig, Toby from iVapour (who relieved me of some cash I was carelessly wafting around – watch out for some reviews in the near future), Cameron from who brought along (and sold) a few GGTS, GG Slims and the new GGTB to look at and try, Abe from Liberty Flights and of course Pete from Decadent Vapours.

Pete Mixes It Up

Pete had brought a huge quantity of nic liquid, glycerines, alcohol and one of every flavour concentrate that Decadent Vapours produce and was happy to demonstrate and guide us mere mortals in how to mix our own liquid. I came away with 5ml of Doppio Espresso, which I will be ordering some more of very soon!

Another real highlight, or highlights in fact were the raffles and tombola prizes, all of which were donated to be raffled in aid of organising the event. I won first prize in the first raffle, for the first time in my life, and it just so happened to be a Puresmoker Icon with batteries and cartos all included, donated by Cloud 9 Vaping. As if that wasn’t enough, I then went on to win a Tornado Compact kit, a load of CE-2 cartos and some 72mg juice.

But the best thing about the day was to witness, and be part of the Vaping community, to meet loads of people and not one of them bad, and to see, try and even on occasion leave with some of the best kit on the market. I’m already looking forwards to the next Vapefest, and will be doing all I can to arrange a local Vapers’ meet in the near future. Brilliant stuff.

Reproduced by kind permission of The Happy Vaper

Toby from iVapour, Abe from Liberty Flights, Nick O’Teen from Decadent Vapours, Tim from Intellicig, Trog the Screwdriver Supremo and Garry Dibley the Little Gem Genius



HifiStud, Rusty, Cliffy, Sav & Cat.