Courtesy of Toby at iVapour, UK Vapefest will see the debut of Janty’s mysterious new eLiquid “Vitaya”.

But what is Vitaya?

What does it taste like?

The press release says…

The Vitaya series is a unique series, concentrating mainly on being pure and vivid. The taste is clean, almost sterile, while being extremely flavored. You should choose this series if you like something new – something wild. These flavors are definitely unique and will not be like anything else you have ever tasted.

Any the wiser? No, me neither, but according to Toby it’s sort of like RY7 and is better than biscuits! Enter the BIG Raffle and you could win one of the five five packs of 20ml bottles – and if you do, please report back here with a review as I’m curious!

Unique Provari Exclusive Vapefest Prizes!

Provape have donated two unique, one of a kind, Provaris for the raffle:

  • A Brushed Brass Provari v2 (Above)
  • A Birds Eye Maple Wood Veneer Provari v2 (Left)

The ProVari is a microprocessor controlled variable voltage e-cig that lets you adjust the voltage with just a few presses of a button, allowing you select the perfect settings for your atomizer, cartomizer and e-liquid. With its built-in two digit display, you can visually adjust your voltage from 2.9 to a hefty 6.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments.

These beauties are unique one offs that will never go into production.

This is truly an amazing gesture from David and Co at Provape.

Provape have asked me to stipulate that these Provari’s are the only ones in the world and are just for UK Vapefest raffle prizes.

Please do not email them to order one.

UK Vapefest 2012 is GO!

Saturday, August 25, 2012 · 10am – After Midnight

I am delighted to announce that Vapefest 2012 is GO!!

This years it will be a Summer event. The date is Saturday 25th August 10am till Daz falls over (after midnight). And as usual entrance is FREE!

The venue again will be The Moat House in Tamworth, but this time capacity for 800+ attendees. I have secured every inch of the Moat House and grounds for our sole use. There will be 2 marquees on the grounds of the venue. A hugeeeeeeeeeeeee one for the Festers and one for the Vendors.

Last year I had hundreds of messages from parents asking if kids were allowed. This year, since it will be mainly an outdoor event, the answer is a big fat YES!. So many who missed out in 2011 need not do so this time.

A few things Parents need to know though: No children allowed in the Vendors’ tent or the upstairs function room, and from 7pm onwards the entire event is for adults only.

There is still a ton of backstage stuff to sort out, but i wanted to get the ball rolling!!

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