Z Midlands Mini Meet 2011

Video © Andy Sutton (Smoke2Vape)

Just like to say a big thank you to all the people at the mini-meet for making it such an enjoyable occasion and making us noobs feel so welcome.

I arrived Saturday lunchtime and was met at the door by DaveK who introduced himself and within minutes had me sucking on his Icon :D. From there I was introduced to Hifi, Doodlebug, Crossbow, Jez, and many others. It was great to meet everyone I have conversed with on the forums and in chat.

It was also an excellent opportunity to try out a wide variety of equipment, from small mods, to Provari’s, GGTS’s, Darwins etc. and compare the different flavours and vapours available from each side by side. Thanks to HifiStud, I was able to compare a 510 against a 901 in otherwise identical setups, something I had been wondering about; my preference for flavour and smoothness was a 901 on his GGTS tank thing – it was, as he put it, Lush !. I also monopolised his Darwin for most of the evening as I faded off into my own blissful world…. Thanks Dave.

Thank you Jaded for presenting me with a box mod for noobs– this is the first time I’ve had 3.7V capability and the cartomisers I use definitely produce more flavour now :)

Thanks also to NickOTeen (Decadent Vapours) with whom I spent far too long sampling his wares, having a go at mixing and learning a great deal about everything from dripping to what flavours not to mix (stay away from Menthol Chicken ! ).

Due to the generosity of everybody I picked up many free samples, a lot of which I’m sure will find their way to other noobies like myself through the forum and future meets.

Thank you again for being such a welcoming group – see you at the next meet – If anyone is apprehensive about attending these, don’t be – in my experience you’ll be made most welcome, learn far more than you can anywhere else and have a great time to boot.

21 February 2011